Ron Artest, Dogs Best Friend

Three times in the past, animal control officers were called to the house of Ron Artest and each time they found dogs that were malnourished and neglected. In each, incident the dogs were taken from Artest and placed with other families where they fully regained there weight and were fine thereafter. This kind of undernourishment and disregard for animals can lead them to exhibit problem behaviors for example, biting humans in defense when there is nothing to defend against, click here to discover more.

Despite his past mistakes, Artest has since stepped up to raise animal awarmness by doing a public service announcement for PETA and next Monday, Artest will host a fundraiser for the Houston Humane Society at Capone’s Restaurant and Bar.

“I was an irresponsible pet owner, and I got in some trouble,” Artest said after a practice last week at Toyota Center. “PETA came and showed me how to be a better pet owner. A lot of times, it’s a simple thing. One of my problems was that the fence around my home wasn’t safe enough. I had a lot of dogs, and they kept getting out. The thing is, just because you’re irresponsible, it doesn’t mean you don’t love your pets. I loved my dogs. You just need to be more mature and accountable for how you treat your animals. I had to be educated.”

Well played, Mr. Artest!

Via Houston Chronicle

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