How Bad Are The Wizards?

The Wizards are so bad,  that the Washington Post and Washington Times did not send a beat report to cover them on their current 4 game west coast road swing starting tonight in Utah.  

“Wizards beat reporters from both the Washington Post, and the Washington Times, the money just wasn’t there to send them romping through Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Denver. Both scribes cite budget issues for not being on the road trip. But what’s the real reason? Is it “in this economy” or “this team is crappy”?

If the Wizards were in the playoff conversation, would these money hemorrhaging entities dig deep in their pockets to satisfy the DMV’s thirst for a winner? Most likely.”

My damn! Print media is dying a fast digital death, and it’s not surprising that they have to make cuts somewhere and why not start with the wonky (16 – 53) Wizards. Washington has been crap-tastic this season due to injuries, and the Post and Times are hardly reporting news because the Wizards lose almost 80% (76.8% to date) of the time . Even when they win, nobody cares because they are too far back in the east for it to matter and if they lose it’s only expected.

However, if the Post or Times would like to send me to cover the Wizards I’ll do it for free if I can hang out with the Wizard dancers in Washington D.C. — and beer.

Via NBC  + (H/T Truth About It)

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