Kings And Pacers On The Move?


I can’t picture the Pacers playing anywhere else but Indiana or the Kings calling somewhere else home other than Sacramento, but given these economic times anything can happen.

“According to an NBA executive, there is growing concern inside the Kings organization that if their arena issue isn’t resolved, they could end up moving to Anaheim. Anaheim has been hoping to get an NBA team for years, has filled its arena for Lakers exhibition games and Clippers regular-season games, and could attract fans from as far south as San Diego. The Lakers and Clippers, however, could challenge for territorial rights fees, and it could be hard for the Kings to find a spot on television in LA, too. The financially strapped Pacers, who reportedly have lost $200 million since 1983, also could be on the move eventually. San Jose, Kansas City, Seattle, and Las Vegas are potential future NBA homes.”

Boston Globe

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