Iverson Out Two Weeks

Eminem is a famous rapper from Detroit who after some early success in the Hip-Hop game, started his own record label Shady Records.

Speaking of shady — Allen Iverson will be out of the Pistons line up for two weeks due to a “back injury” and will not travel with the team. Mmm — I wonder if that back injury was caused by the oversized backpack of losing, he carried in with him from Denver?

Iverson, who has missed the past three games, was evaluated today at Georgetown after an initial MRI exam last week revealed no structural damage. 

He won’t travel with the team to try to prevent stress on his back and will be re-evaluated by Georgetown doctors after two weeks.

Iverson will begin treatment for his back after he returns to Detroit today. The Pistons want him to be completely at ease when he returns. 

C’mon. Since Rip replaced Iverson in the starting line up, the Pistons look like the team from the past nobody wanted to play and home court advantage in the playoffs looks kinda good these days.

I guess what I’m saying is, back injury my @ss Pistons.

Via Detroit Free Press

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