Jason Williams Denied Reinstatement

Even the prospects of playing for the now 15 – 44 L.A. Clippers, probably doesn’t look so bad  to Jason Williams right now. The only problem is, the league won’t let White Chocolate play this season.

“League bylaws state that players wishing to return from the voluntary retirement list need unanimous approval from all 30 teams to avoid a one-year mandatory waiting period. According to ballot results obtained Friday, Williams’ request was denied by a vote of 24-6.

But Williams’ agent, Dan Tobin, told ESPN.com that the 10-year veteran plans to return to the league next season after sitting out the required 365 days.

“We anticipated this decision,” Tobin said. “So did Jason. But we look forward to seeing Jason back in the NBA in the 2009-10 season.”

Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Minnesota, San Antonio and the Clippers voted “no” to the Jason Williams return. So don’t look for him to be signing with any of those teams next season — call it a hunch.


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