The Suns Need A Player

The Suns need a player but I haven’t received a call yet, which is kinda confusing but that’s cool. I understand that this is part of the business. However,  I would like to call out all the players on the Suns radar to a Battle Royal, and the winner takes the open spot.  

But when they see me make my way to the squared circle with Jimmy Hart, it’ll be the last chance to run! OOOH YEAH!!!

“The Suns have until Wednesday to sign a player, likely a point guard, and reach the 13-player roster minimum. Suns General Manager Steve Kerr scouted an NBA Development League game involving Eddie Gill and Smush Parker on Tuesday. The Suns have an eye on other options in the D-League, where Walker Russell Jr. is the leading assist man. Suns Vice President of Basketball Operations David Griffin is organizing a Monday workout for four to six point guards. The group will include a mix of D-League and ex-NBA players, possibly including Troy Hudson and Damon Stoudamire.”

Arizona Republic

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