Lots Of PT Waiting For Rudy In Portland

Nate McMillan, really likes what Rudy Fernandez offers the Blazers.

“Back home from the Olympics, where he was an assistant coach for Team USA, Trail Blazerscoach Nate McMillan on Thursday could finally reveal the two-week struggle he endured in Beijing. There were sleepless nights. A self-imposed muzzle on his emotions. And the uneasiness of choosing an allegiance. All because of Rudy Fernandez. The high-energy shooting guard for Spain, who will join the Blazers this month, excelled during the Olympics, which included a team-high 22 points in the gold medal loss to the Ameicans. And after getting a front-row view for many of Spain’s games, McMillan said Fernandez, 23, is so talented that he will “definitely” play, and play a lot, for the Blazers.”

The Oregonian


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