Sneaky Dees Nachos Are That Good!

Matt Bonner a.k.a The Red Rocket, just gained some major cool points with Hooped Up.  Being married isn’t a drag okay possibly for some but,  that day can be a circus and the groom is the unicycle riding bear.  No worries, the ex-Toronto Raptors forward Matt Bonner has the answer to your problem. Sneaky Dee’s son! 

“If it was me, we’d get married at, I don’t know, Sneaky Dee’s,” said Bonner, speaking of the College Street rock-and-nachos dive. “But you know how it is, the guy doesn’t have much say about the wedding day. We don’t grow up dreaming about our wedding. It’s her day. I understand that. Girls like nice flowers and stuff.”

Ball Don’t Lie

If you are ever in Toronto,ON and are a nacho fiend, Sneaky Dee’s is the spot!


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