Grant Hill On The Shelf…Again

The Orlando Magic once again lost veteran forward Grant Hill, who left late in the second quarter of last night’s loss to Denver and never returned because of a sore left foot, a problem that has lingered through much of the season.

Hill missed seven games in February with a sprained right knee, and he missed three games from Dec. 30 to Jan. 5, also with that sore left foot. He skipped three games early in the season — all on the second half of back-to-back nights — as a precaution against possible injury.

He missed most of his first four seasons with the Magic because of multiple surgeries with his left ankle, and he played only 21 games last season because of a hernia.

“It’s sore on the top of my midfoot. A couple of days rest and it should be all right,” Hill said as he limped out of the locker room. “It was bothering me before the game, and I tried to get it loose. It’s actually been bothering me, and I’ve been getting treatment for it most of the season. Hopefully, I can get it ready for the weekend.’

Orlando Sentinel

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