Did Isiah Pass On Vince Carter?

On Thursday, Isiah Thomas denied making a formal offer for the Nets’ Vince CarterKnicks in recent days. However, as the Post’s Fred Kerber reported yesterday, the indeed offered for Carter a package of Channing Frye, Jerome James and Malik Rose.

The Knicks did not offer Jamal Crawford, but the Nets were rebuffed when they tried to get rookie Renaldo Balkman added.

The Knicks also offered Frye and Francis for Jason Kidd.

As for contacting the Nets about Carter, it was “just due diligence,” Thomas said.

“It’s safe to say there’s 29 other teams we made contact with,” he said. “I’ve been pretty straight-up with you guys. I don’t see anything on the horizon. We contacted 29 teams to see who was available. New Jersey was one of them.

“We did our homework,” Thomas added. “I didn’t make an offer.”

New York Post

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