Starbury Claims All-Star Spots Are Rigged

Stephon Marbury thought Eddy Curry was badly snubbed in not receiving an All-Star invitation and suggested that the league office, not the coaches decides who is selected.

“I think ultimately at the end of the day it comes down to the NBA,” Marbury said. “I think the NBA picks the teams.

“A guy like Eddy, he’s been playing at an All-Star level since the beginning of the year,” Marbury said. “And he’s not rewarded with it.

“The NBA, from what other people say, that they go by your record. But they can’t say that because guys that made the All-Star team have played on a team that wasn’t doing well. So, I just think that, me personally, I think it’s a crime Eddy didn’t make the All-Star team. I think he definitely deserves it. He was, by far, snubbed.”

New York Daily News

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