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Vince Carter Dunks On Robin Lopez

Vince Carter Dunks On Robin Lopez

Vince Carter shows Robin Lopez that he still has his world famous hops by throwing a hammer dunk on him like it was the year 2000.

by × March 8, 2014 ×
Vince Carter Dunks On Queue In Toronto

Vince Carter Dunks On Queue In Toronto

Perfect timing VC.

by × January 23, 2014 ×
Vince Carter ‘2000 Dunk Contest’ Illustration

Vince Carter ‘2000 Dunk Contest’ Illustration

Artist Brian Bowens captures Vince Carter being “half man, half amazing” at the 2000 Dunk Contest in Oakland.

by × December 30, 2013 ×
Mavericks SpongeBob SquarePants Intro

Mavericks SpongeBob SquarePants Intro

Who rules all of basketball in the Big D?

by × November 3, 2013 ×

Mavs Enjoy The Harlem Shake Too

The Harlem Shake is sweeping / shaking the nation. That’s okay cause Vince Carter, Dirk Nowitzki and the rest of the Mavericks are down with it too. I’m still giving University of Western the slight edge for best Harlem Shake […]

by × February 11, 2013 ×

Vince Carter Plays Possum to Perfection (VIDEO)

Cagey Vince Cater plays the “I’m so hurt I can barely move so I’ll pretend to be wincing in the corner so you’ll forget me until you totally do then I’ll sneak back into the play for a super nasty hammer dunk, like I […]

by × February 1, 2013 ×
The Origins of Vince Carter (VIDEO)

The Origins of Vince Carter (VIDEO)

How did Vince Carter go from a kid growing up in Daytona Beach, Florida to the Rookie of the Year, face of basketball in Canada and maybe the most dominating dunker of his generation? It’s nice to imagine that maybe it […]

by × January 29, 2013 ×

Vince Carter Goes Lefty Jam On Leonard

Vince Carter throws one down on Kawhi Leonard with is left hand cause he might be the best dunker that ever lived.

by × December 30, 2012 ×
Vince Carter Would Welcome Raptors Return

Vince Carter Would Welcome Raptors Return

“If (Toronto) gave me the opportunity, I don’t even think I’d let them finish the question. Yes. I’m in,” Carter said, speaking on Cybulski and Company. “Could I see it? Absolutely,” Carter continued. “I’d leave that up to the franchise. […]

by × November 8, 2012 ×
Vince Carter ‘Rocafort Style’ Art

Vince Carter ‘Rocafort Style’ Art

Those were the days huh Toronto? Even thought the ghost of Air Canada still haunts the Big Smoke. It dosen’t mean you can’t enjoy some VC art by my main man Wang Tao, who was inspired to create this piece […]

by × October 1, 2012 ×

Served: Some Old School Vince Carter

Vince Cater must have been listening to some Kardinal Offishall before the game cause this was a Toronto dunk for sure. Notice the backward direction of Kevin Durant who didn’t want a part of this Vinsanity flashback.

by × May 4, 2012 ×

Half-man, Half-entertaining

There was a time when Vince Carter would have made this play the dunk of the night. Of course, there was also a time when he would have made the lay up too.

by × April 11, 2012 ×

Served: Vinsanity Gets Got By Vince Carter

Rare when it happens, but great when it does these day. Vince Carter drives baseline for the up and under dunk like he was 10 years younger playing in the shadow of the CN Tower and had easy access to […]

by × February 14, 2012 ×

Served: Insanity Gets Got By Vinsanity

I don’t know what this guy did with the new Vince Carter, but I certainly don’t mind watching the old one taking flight like old times.

by × January 15, 2012 ×