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Landry Fields ‘Young Simba’ Mix

How can you not like a Landry Fields highlight mix of his rookie season with “Return of Simba” by J.Cole as the soundtrack?

by × December 15, 2011 ×

Bonus LeBron James Lockout Mixtape

Even more footage of LeBron James reeking unpaid damage during the lockout, to unsuspecting rims in small gymnasiums across America.

by × December 15, 2011 ×

Westbrook x Durant ‘ Thunder x Lightning’ Mix

A nice mix of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant that proves they are indeed the best duo under 25-years old in the western conference on the verge of stumbling into greatness — and later playoff rounds — hopefully.

by × December 14, 2011 ×

Farewell Brandon Roy Mixtape

“This is a very difficult and painful day,” Brandon Roy said in a statement released by the team regarding his retirement. “I love the game, I love the Portland Trail Blazers and I love our fans, but after consulting with […]

by × December 12, 2011 ×

The Legend, The Natural, Brandon Roy

“Roy is probably the best player I’ve played against. To me he is the best shooting guard. Not on defense now, defense is kind of suspect. He’s the best player I’ve played against, outside from a guy from my hood […]

by × December 11, 2011 ×

Chris Paul Lockout Mixtape

CP3 didn’t play in a bunch of exhibition games this past summer, but when he did.  Not even David Stern could stop him…

by × December 9, 2011 ×

Kobe x Jordan ‘Great Expectations’ Mixtape

YouTube mixtape heavyweights KonyginGD and MaxaMillion711 collaborate on a mix to showcase two of the games greatest players of all time: Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan cause those kinda highlights never ever get old. Enjoy!

by × December 5, 2011 ×

Brandon Jennings Lockout Mixtape

All lockout long, Brandon Jennings made everything on the court look easy and even had a game where he dropped 70 points. Not bad for a part-time Foot Locker employee.

by × December 1, 2011 ×

John Wall Lockout Mixtape

You can’t guard John Wall. You can only hope to not be in his lockout mixtape tape looking foolish. All extended off-season Johnny Wall took the time to get faster, stronger, smarter and Dougie’er  too. He’s thorough like that. Enjoy […]

by × November 30, 2011 ×

LeBron James Lockout Mixtape

Was LeBron James the best player during the lockout??? In short, nope. KD fully took care of that business. However LBJ was a beast in the various charity games he played in too. Witness his unpaid exploits.

by × November 29, 2011 ×

Kevin Durant Lockout Mixtape

Somebody needs to present Kevin Durant with a Lockout Player of the Year trophy at center court of Rucker Park when OKC visits NYC to play the Knicks this season. He was that freakin’ good!

by × November 29, 2011 ×

Hoop Memories ‘Dream On’ Mixtape

This is maybe the most comprehensive basketball moments mixtape that you will see in the next two years and it came out two years ago H/N K1X

by × November 28, 2011 ×

Manu Ginobili ‘Overlooked Superstar’ Mixtape

Most of the time Manu Ginobili gets overlooked in the superstar class, but if you get a look at his basketball resume. You soon realize the errors of your ways. GINOBILI!

by × November 16, 2011 ×

The Art of Highflying Mixtape

Reminiscent of those awesome NBA Superstar videos from the early 90’s I bought as a wee lad. This “Art of Highflying” mixtape just makes me plain happy. Featuring highflyers like Julius Erving, Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Robert Pack, Shawn Kemp, and […]

by × November 14, 2011 ×