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PDX Nike Graphic Art Studio Show

PDX Nike Graphic Art Studio Show

All September long Nike will be showcasing art inspired by their brand that made the swoosh famous at the Compound Gallery in Portland, Oregon to your eyeballs pleasure. Numerous artist will participating in the show and those of you near Blazers [...]

by × September 7, 2011 ×

Godzilla vs Barkley Translated

I really had no idea just how funny the idea of “Godzilla vs Barkley” comic was, until I watched this video by Lewis Lovhaug that translates the whole scene. I also really never knew that putting coins in your mouth [...]

by × July 17, 2011 ×
Godzilla vs Charles Barkley Portrait

Godzilla vs Charles Barkley Portrait

Based on the “Godzilla vs Charles Barkley” Nike commercial from back in the day. Kenny Meyer creates a portrait that captures the classic 30 second spot to perfection.

by × July 15, 2011 ×

Barkley ‘I May Be Wrong’ Video

Who would have thought that one fake comment during a fake NBA game would snowball into a real song that now has a music video. Well it has, thanks to the always quotable Charles Barkley, the production talent of Miami [...]

by × February 21, 2011 ×

Cool & Dre Make Chuck Viral

Cool & Dre drop the “Chuck’s Remix”, by sampling a video clip of Charles Barkley doing his no holds barred one-of-a-kind NBA commentary. Dwyane Wade is so feelin’ this track, maybe this will finally get Chuck in his 5.

by × December 22, 2010 ×
Incomplete Barkley & Jordan Sketches

Incomplete Barkley & Jordan Sketches

Even more creative baller artwork from Oliver Barrett of Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley from his unfinished collection of sketches. As Barrett describes the Completely Incomplete project. This project is about showing that unfinished work is capable of being equally [...]

by × November 29, 2010 ×

The Suns Make 42 Years Of Losing Cool

The Phoenix Suns have been in existence for 42 long years and in that time, not once has the Larry O’Brien trophy enjoyed the dry Arizona heat for an entire summer. Sure that kinda sucks, but it’s not like they’re [...]

by × October 26, 2010 ×

Served: The Worst Dream Dunk Ever Gets Got By This Guy

Created back in 1987 when we thought flying cars would be available in 2010. Thirtysomething was a television drama based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania about a group of baby boomers in their thirties. If the premise of this show seems boring [...]

by × August 20, 2010 ×

RIP Manute Bol

Over the weekend former NBA legend Manute Bol passed away at the age of 47. Selected by the Washington Bullets in the 1985 draft, Bol went on to play 9 seasons in the NBA and was a natural shot blocking force in the middle due to menacing 7’7″ [...]

by × June 21, 2010 ×

After Beating ‘Melo, Busboy Wins A Ford Mustang

Five legendary NBA ballers came to challenge Ricardo the Busboy at Pop-a-Shot on Jimmy Kimmel Live Gamenight, and each time they fell to his greatness. Ricardo Reyes is a 41-year old busboy at Barney’s Beanery who was discovered by Kimmel after a night [...]

by × June 17, 2010 ×