Ellis: I Can’t Play With Curry

Monta Ellis is not fond of the idea of him and rookie Stephen Curry in the Warriors backcourt and by the sound of it. Ellis would rather do donuts on his tricked out moped in the rain before he could envision a Curry-Ellis guard pairing this season.

Here’s what Eliis had to say when he was asked “Do you envision yourself playing together in the backcourt?”.

Ellis: “I can’t. I can’t answer that. Us together? No.”

Q: “Why not?

Ellis: “Huh?”

Q: “Why not?”

Ellis: “Can’t.”

Q: Why?

Ellis: “Just can’t.”

Q: “Too small? Too similar?”

Ellis: “Just can’t.”

Q: (Do) you understand they say you can?

Ellis: “They say we can, but we can’t.”

Q: You wouldn’t want to give it a shot?

Ellis: “I just want to win. That’s not going to win that way.”

Gee, It’s a good thing Monta is such a flexible guy! I think the real reason Ellis doesn’t want to pair with Curry is because Ellis was original promised skinny guard territorial rights in Golden State and Curry joining him in the backcourt would infringe upon these skinny guard territorial rights.

Plus, Ellis (6’3″, 180lbs) is tired of Curry (6’3″, 185lbs) calling him a skinny bitch.

Via San Jose Mercury News