Blatche Wants To Party – NOW!

Ironically enough, Andray Blatche is having a season ending celebration this Sunday, April 12th, at “Josephine UltraChic Lounge“ in DC. What so ironic about that you say Guv’nor? Well two things.

First off, the Wizards are having the type of season that should be taken out to the woods and shot. Celebrating that is like popping Champagne after pulling the cord on a loved one. I’m not saying don’t get your off-season NBA party on, but maybe the season should be over first and calling your jam the “End of the Season Celebration” – probably sends the wrong message to the fans.

The Wizards still have two more games to play before the season is over after this “season ending party”. So really, the party should be called “Celebrating 80 Crappy Games With 2 More Miserable Ones To Go”.  But, he already booked Trey Songz and printed the flyers so it’s too late.

Via Truth About It