Julian Wright Does Not Get It

When your coach says “you are not getting it”, that can’t be a good sign for you and your potential game minutes. So if Byron Scott forces Julian Wright to wear one of those “In Training” name tags during a game, like a new frontline employee at Dairy Queen don’t be surprised.

“When you run the same play for two years, and you are still not understanding where you are supposed to be, that tells me you are not getting it,” Byron Scott said. “His reaction is slow when we’re swinging the ball, and he’s still not where he is supposed to be. I have to holler a couple of times for him to get there.” Scott went on to explain that Wright’s struggle to learn the offense is the thing holding him back and that moreover he expects Wright, a hard worker, to eventually break through and hopefully make the kind of impact most fans envisioned for him after seeing his notable impact on games late last year.”

New Orleans Times Picayune Blog