Weezy Speaks On The Knicks

Stephon Marbury will not be sending any Purple Drank over to Lil’ Wayne’s picnic table the next time the two are ever at a BBQ together.  Why you ask? Well Lil’ Wayne is a supporter of fellow Louisiana born Chris Duhon and it just so happens that Chris Duhon is the very same man that will be making Marbury a memory in New York.

On Weezy’s blog over at ESPN Magazine, when asked about the Knickerbockers chances this season he had this to say in his response.

“I think they should do good. Not OK, not great, but good. Why? Mike D’Antoni, and you know how that guy runs his offense. Gotta score within seven seconds, and that’s exciting. If he gets to work over those players right there, I’m betting on his scheme and the way he coaches to say that there’s no way an unsuccessful team could come out of that. Also, I gotta give a shout out right here. I love the move they made naming my hometown dude Chris Duhon the starting point guard over Stephon Marbury. He is like, the man at home, and I just want him to know I’m pulling for him. So shout out to Chris Duhon, you’re the man.”

Damn! Marbury can’t catch a break anywhere.