Tinsley Dealt To Nuggets

Jamaal Tinsley has a locker and nameplate of his very own, but its in Denver and its about time. If this Tinsley thing dragged on any longer Larry Bird would have started with the crank calls in the middle of the night and sending 20 pizzas to Tinsleys house with double anchovies.

“Locked-out Pacers point Jamaal Tinsley was traded to the Nuggetsfor Chuckie Atkins and Stephen Hunter, The Post has learned. The deal is contingent on Tinsley passing a physical. Chronically injured over the last four years (only once playing more than 42 games) and embroiled in violent encounters on three separate occasions (none of which he instigated), he spent all summer in Atlanta rehabbing his body and is said to be a great condition. Denver assumes his $21M, 3-year debt. Atkins is due $3.24M and $3.48M while Hunter is guaranteed $3.86M and $3.69M. Less than half of their total salary remaining is guaranteed.”

New York Post