Horford Goes Back To Florida

Al Horford aka “the real rookie of the year” ,is still getting his learn on.  Take note kids, even the pros go to school.

“Doesn’t surprise me that he’s here,” Florida coach Billy Donovan said. “He’s gifted and grounded, about as good a kid as I’ve been around. He’s the type of kid that this is going to be important to him.”

“He’s not messing around. He’s a good student and a real part of the class,” said Annie Sugar, who’s teaching the Television and American Society course. Horford said he carried a 3.3 GPA into the summer session.

When the Hawks took the Celtics to seven games in the first round of the playoffs, it scrambled Horford’s academic plans.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

It’s good to see some good NBA stories being picked up by the media instead of the standard doom and gloom stuff that usually makes headlines. Good on Al Horford for obtaining more goals in life and setting a positive example. I’m sure alot of NBA players return to school for an education, but it’s never picked up by any media outlets unless it’s a slow day.