Andrei Kirilenko Signs With CSKA Moscow‎

Dasvidania Utah and pryvet Moscow. Tired of all the “labour negotiations” Andrei Kirilenko signed a three-year contract with CSKA of the Euroleague.

Kirilenko’s contract with CSKA features an out clause that allows him to return to the NBA when (or if) the lockout ever ends plus an out at the end of every CSKA season.

“I am glad to be back to the team where I spent the years of adolescence. It’s a pleasure to have a chance to play for Russian fans, my friends, relatives,” Kirilenko said in a statement released on CSKA’s website. “CSKA has a very strong team, great coach, excellent players. It’s great when the highest goals are ahead of you. It’s especially interesting to play under the load of responsibility. I am sure that we are able to solve any task together.”

Oh yeah, apparently Kirilenko’s contract comes with a real AK-47 too. Fans better cheer everything he does, or else.

H/N Salt Lake Tribune

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