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Served: Vinsanity Gets Got By Vince Carter

Rare when it happens, but great when it does these day. Vince Carter drives baseline for the up and under dunk like he was 10 years younger playing in the shadow of the CN Tower and had easy access to […]

by × February 14, 2012 ×

Served: Insanity Gets Got By Vinsanity

I don’t know what this guy did with the new Vince Carter, but I certainly don’t mind watching the old one taking flight like old times.

by × January 15, 2012 ×

Random Dudes On The Mavs Bench

It pays to be a Dallas Mavericks fan or a friend of Mark Cuban’s I guess.

by × January 11, 2012 ×

Served: Okafor Gets Got By Vince Carter

Vince Carter still had some of that “Vinsanity” in him on this baseline flush all over Emeka Okafor.

by × January 8, 2012 ×
Mavs Sign Vince Carter

Mavs Sign Vince Carter

It’s official, Vince Carter is now a member of the defending champion Dallas Mavericks and today he’s expected to participate in his first practice and media day at the American Airlines Center. Carter signed for a three-year deal at the […]

by × December 13, 2011 ×
Vince Carter Is About To Be Waived

Vince Carter Is About To Be Waived

Vince Carter isn’t a free agent yet, but sources close to the situation say the eight-time All-Star will be thrust onto the open market shortly after the end of the lockout. Based on an amendment in his contract obtained by […]

by × December 4, 2011 ×

Charles Oakley x T-Mac x Vince Carter x OTR

It’s gotta be a sign of the lockout-y times that Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady and Charles Oakley all hooked up (mostly via satellite) to chat late 90’s goodtimes in Toronto on Off The Record and “what if?” they had all […]

by × November 4, 2011 ×

Vince Carter ‘Fade Away’ Retrospective

It’s been 11 years since Vince Carter was the young phenom dunking on all of our hearts in the 2000 Dunk Contest and so much has changed. He was traded from the team he put on the map, had a […]

by × August 29, 2011 ×

That Vince Carter x Mike Tyson Mixtape

He’s that Vince Carter meets Mike Tyson everybody seems to be crazy about for good reason. So if you don’t know, know you know. H/N SLAM

by × August 2, 2011 ×

Served: Meh, Gets Got By Vince Carter

I feel old because I can actually remember a time when Vince Carter gave a crap about winning and effort. Sure this monster jam was vintage VC, but this was also the only two points his scored the entire night […]

by × January 25, 2011 ×
Homer News: Orlando Magic (52-22)

Homer News: Orlando Magic (52-22)

Magic accomplished rare feat in keeping Denver off the free throw line Carmelo Anthony averages 9.35 free throw attempts per game. That’s fourth highest in the NBA after Dwight Howard, LeBron James and Kevin Durant. So it wasn’t shocking that […]

by × March 29, 2010 ×
Raptors Plan To Honour Vince Carter

Raptors Plan To Honour Vince Carter

As part of the club’s 15th anniversary celebrations, the Raptors are hoping to honour, of all people, Vince Carter on Nov. 22 when Orlando returns. ”Everybody wants to know how we can do it, but Vince is part of the […]

by × November 3, 2009 ×
Magic Win And Lose Vince Carter

Magic Win And Lose Vince Carter

It took all of 2 games for the worst case scenario of the Vince Carter trade to Orlando happening, and it came in the second quarter of his return to New Jersey. Carter left in the second quarter with a […]

by × October 31, 2009 ×

Vince Carter Kills It At The UNC Alumni Game

The University of North Carolina’s basketball program has been hoarding great high school players for themselves since 1910 and they decided to celebrate making your favorite school a top prospects distant second option by having an Alumni game.

by × September 9, 2009 ×