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Kyle Singler Nailing Trick Shots From A Bus In London

Kyle Singler hits a bunch of trick shot in London using a double-decker bus as a prop cause the league ironically didn’t have enough money to rent Big Ben for the day.

by × January 17, 2013 ×

Return of the Brockness Trick Shot Monster

Jon Brockman does very well with trick shots.

by × February 21, 2012 ×

Kevin Durant Kicks It With ESPN The Magazine

Lockout Player of the Year Kevin Durant recaps his summer of playing pick up basketball for ESPN the Magazine and hits a trick shot at the end because he can.

by × October 21, 2011 ×

Nuggets’ Staff Got Game

The Denver Nuggets staff shows off their trick shot prowess while the Nuggets are on a road trip. If he’s a free agent this summer, the Knicks will make him their 4th highest paid player. Of course this will depend on Isiah Thomas being involved.

by × March 24, 2011 ×

Nick Young Is Skilled In The 360 Arts

I triple dog dare you to bet Nick Young to miss a 360 layup in heavy traffic during a game. He lives for that stuff!

by × February 28, 2011 ×

Lamar Odom Goes Circus Shot

Lamar Odom proves that when it rains, it pours shots on the Utah Jazz. Jerry Sloan must have dropped $5,000 in the swear jar after this shot.

by × January 26, 2011 ×

Blake Griffin x DeAndre Jordan Trick Shots

Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan hit five trick shots which is 4 more trick shots than wins for the entire LA Clippers team. I’m just sayin’…

by × November 19, 2010 ×

Dwight Howard Breaks A Record From His Seat

Dwight Howard broke a record held by nobody, by hitting this half court shot with ease while sitting on his Hillary Duff. Immediately after this record-breaking feat, Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy dreamed of a world where the free […]

by × February 13, 2010 ×

Monta Ellis Goes Over The Glass

On his way to a 46 point night against the Dallas Mavericks (and a loss), Monta Ellis excised his “bird rights” of a different nature on the court from behind the glass. I will never tire of watching behind the […]

by × February 4, 2010 ×

Spurs Coyote Hits 3/4 Court Shot Backwards

The San Antonio Spurs mascot “The Coyote” can pretty much do anything on the basketball court and he proves it here by sinking a no look 3/4 court shot. The only thing that this mascot can’t really do is catch a rogue […]

by × January 8, 2010 ×

Lebron Cans A Full Court Shot, With A Football

Forget about LeBron James playing tight end or wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, put him under center and make him a quarterback. Stop being so good at everything LeBron, I’m getting a complex. via SI Extra Mustard

by × December 3, 2009 ×