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Tim Duncan Blocks His Way Past The Dream

On their way to an easy Game 2 victory, Tim Duncan surpassed Hakeem Olajuwon on the all-time playoff blocked shots list with his 473 rejection in his post season career. Duncan finished the night with four blocks and now trails […]

by × May 30, 2012 ×

LeBron James Avoids Being Rondo’d

LeBron James has seen this Rajon Rondo directed movie before and he decided to change the ending with a block.

by × May 29, 2012 ×

Blake Griffin Pins Leonard

Blake Griffin hustles hard to chase down and pin this layup attempt by Kawhi Leonard.

by × May 16, 2012 ×

Dwyane Wade Swats Paul George

Not even Paul George can escape the super athleticism and timing of Dwyane Wade who never gave up on this play until he got a block.

by × May 14, 2012 ×

LeBron James Rejects Tyson Chandler

Future 2012 Most Valuable Player of the league rejects the recently crowned Defensive Player of the Year Tyson Chandler.

by × May 9, 2012 ×

Devin Harris Chase Down Blocks Tony Parker

The last Utah Jazz highlight off the year was a pretty good one. Devin Harris tracks down a second round bound Tony Parker and gives him a LeBron like chase down block.

by × May 8, 2012 ×

Jeff Teague Super Blocks Keyon Dooling

It a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Serge Ibaka — no! It’s actually Jeff Teague and he blocks the sh!t out of this three-point attempt by Keyon Dooling. Who knew dude could get up so high. Dang!

by × May 1, 2012 ×

Swat: Avery Bradley Blocks Dwyane Wade

No man flys in the zone of Avery Bradley. That includes you Dwyane Wade.

by × April 1, 2012 ×

Gordon Hayward Double Block

Former lockout video game pro Gordon Hayward hustles back to block Keyon Dooling and Avery Bradley who wanted a piece of the action too. Then if that wasn’t enough, Hayward starts the fast break that ends with an and 1 in […]

by × March 29, 2012 ×

Serge Ibaka Goes Gandalf On Nicolas Batum

This sure fired Nicolas Batum fastbreak dunk looked like a breeze. That was until block wizard Serge Ibaka decided to stop him in the lane like his name was Gandalf and said “YOU SHALL NOT PASS.”

by × March 28, 2012 ×

Bobcats Bismack Biyombo Buzzer Beating Block

If you’re looking for a title with more “B” in it, I’ll warn you that your search is futile human.

by × March 12, 2012 ×

Jeremy Lin Blocks Derrick Rose

Jeremy Lin times his jump perfectly to swat the damn air out of the ball on this Derrick Rose layup attempt. Linsanity lives on.

by × March 12, 2012 ×

Swat: Jan Veseley Says ‘No’ Greg Monroe

If you give Jan Veseley the chance, he’ll block your shot harder than he kisses his girlfriend on draft night as Greg Monroe found out.

by × February 13, 2012 ×

Serge Ibaka Records 10 Blocks vs Mavericks

Ridiculous! To go along with his 11 rebounds, to help OKC beat Dallas Wednesday night. Serge Ibaka also recorded a career-high 10 blocks. If you don’t believe me, see all 10 of them right now. Ibaka blocked three shots in […]

by × February 2, 2012 ×