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Tim Duncan Blocks His Way Past The Dream

On their way to an easy Game 2 victory, Tim Duncan surpassed Hakeem Olajuwon on the all-time playoff blocked shots list with his 473 rejection in his post season career. Duncan finished the night with four blocks and now trails [...]

by × May 30, 2012 ×

LeBron James Avoids Being Rondo’d

LeBron James has seen this Rajon Rondo directed movie before and he decided to change the ending with a block.

by × May 29, 2012 ×

Blake Griffin Pins Leonard

Blake Griffin hustles hard to chase down and pin this layup attempt by Kawhi Leonard.

by × May 16, 2012 ×

Dwyane Wade Swats Paul George

Not even Paul George can escape the super athleticism and timing of Dwyane Wade who never gave up on this play until he got a block.

by × May 14, 2012 ×

LeBron James Rejects Tyson Chandler

Future 2012 Most Valuable Player of the league rejects the recently crowned Defensive Player of the Year Tyson Chandler.

by × May 9, 2012 ×

Devin Harris Chase Down Blocks Tony Parker

The last Utah Jazz highlight off the year was a pretty good one. Devin Harris tracks down a second round bound Tony Parker and gives him a LeBron like chase down block.

by × May 8, 2012 ×

Jeff Teague Super Blocks Keyon Dooling

It a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Serge Ibaka — no! It’s actually Jeff Teague and he blocks the sh!t out of this three-point attempt by Keyon Dooling. Who knew dude could get up so high. Dang!

by × May 1, 2012 ×

Swat: Avery Bradley Blocks Dwyane Wade

No man flys in the zone of Avery Bradley. That includes you Dwyane Wade.

by × April 1, 2012 ×

Gordon Hayward Double Block

Former lockout video game pro Gordon Hayward hustles back to block Keyon Dooling and Avery Bradley who wanted a piece of the action too. Then if that wasn’t enough, Hayward starts the fast break that ends with an and 1 in [...]

by × March 29, 2012 ×

Serge Ibaka Goes Gandalf On Nicolas Batum

This sure fired Nicolas Batum fastbreak dunk looked like a breeze. That was until block wizard Serge Ibaka decided to stop him in the lane like his name was Gandalf and said “YOU SHALL NOT PASS.”

by × March 28, 2012 ×