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Steve Nash ‘Bourne Legacy’ Parody

Steve Nash was a free agent looking for a change and a system to join as a free agent. Luck for LA, he decided to choose the Kobe System. Check out this dramatization of his decision to leave Phoenix which [...]

by × July 12, 2012 ×

Steve Nash ‘Star Wars’ Parody

Steve Nash stars in a parody of “Star Wars, Episode 1: The Point Guard Strikes Black”.

by × July 9, 2012 ×

Steve Nash ‘Dark Knight Rises′ Parody

Remember when Batman was an overweight drunk that never got invited to the bar on Friday night? Newest Lakers point guard Steve Nash does and in this ‘Dark Knight Rises′ parody. He’ll show you how the Dark Knight blossomed into [...]

by × July 6, 2012 ×

Steve Nash ‘Showdown In Chinatown 2012′ Highlights

The 5th annual Steve Nash Foundation Showdown in Chinatown soccer game took place last week at Sarah D. Roosevelt Park in New York City. With the likes of Salomon Kalou, Robbie Rogers, Thierry Henry, Maurice Edu, Jimmy Conrad, Stu Holden, [...]

by × July 5, 2012 ×
Steve Nash To The Lakers

Steve Nash To The Lakers

Not so fast New York. In an unforeseen twist that could thrust the Los Angeles Lakers straight back into title contention, two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash has successfully negotiated a sign-and-trade deal from the Phoenix Suns to the Los Angeles [...]

by × July 4, 2012 ×
Knicks In The Lead For Steve Nash

Knicks In The Lead For Steve Nash

Well, well, well. If it isn’t the old New York Knicks and top free agent showing mutual interest in each other story again. This time, the Knicks just might have the catch of free agency as discussions continue between the [...]

by × July 4, 2012 ×
Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day

Will the only Canadian franchise in the league celebrate the opening day of free agency and Canada Day by signing the best Canadian player ever? If they do, it might be the best present the Raptors can give their long-suffering [...]

by × July 1, 2012 ×
Steve Nash Talks Free Agency

Steve Nash Talks Free Agency

When the clock strikes midnight and free agency begins the Miami Heat, New York Knicks, Toronto Raptors, Dallas Mavericks, or Brooklyn Nets could finally wrestle Steve Nash away from the Phoenix Suns after 8 years. As it stands, Nash says [...]

by × June 30, 2012 ×
Steve Nash Prepares For Showdown in Chinatown 2012

Steve Nash Prepares For Showdown in Chinatown 2012

Just before game time, Steve Nash remembers to talk about his Foundation and his charity soccer match The Showdown in Chinatown. However in his excitement, he forgets to pay the cabbie and another thing that could get him a red card [...]

by × June 29, 2012 ×

Steve Nash ‘The Amazing Spider-Man′ Parody

Legendary point guard by night, crime fighter and smell crime fighter by day. Steve Nash parodies “The Amazing Spider-Man” like only Steve Nash can.

by × June 25, 2012 ×

Steve Nash ‘Paranormal Activity 4′ Parody

Since you’ll never go see the Paranormal Activity 4 when it comes out like parts two and three. You might as well watch the parody version starring Steve Nash in his hotel room. It’s way shorter, funnier and nobody will kick the back of [...]

by × June 24, 2012 ×

Steve Nash Named Canada Basketball GM

Well it’s about damn time. Today Steve Nash was named general manager of the senior men’s national team for Canada Basketball during a news conference Tuesday in Toronto. “Obviously I love the program,” Nash told “It was a huge [...]

by × May 8, 2012 ×

Steve Nash Exit Interview

During his exit interview, two-time MVP Steve Nash reflects on the season that was and maybe the last game he ever played as a member of the Phoenix Suns franchise as he heads into free agency this summer. Will he [...]

by × April 30, 2012 ×
Steve Nash Seeks Three-Year Deal

Steve Nash Seeks Three-Year Deal

With the Phoenix Suns clinging to their playoff lives in the Western Conference, star point guard Steve Nash insists his back feels “the best it’s felt in a decade.” Nash, who turned 38 in February, also told in a [...]

by × April 4, 2012 ×