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Serge Ibaka, Prince of Zamunda

Serge Ibaka, Prince of Zamunda

Your early Halloween costume winner.

by × October 28, 2013 ×
Serge Ibaka ‘Iblocka’ Art

Serge Ibaka ‘Iblocka’ Art

Serge Ibaka illustrated by Korean artist Min-suk KIM aka Kwang33.

by × April 18, 2013 ×

Serge Ibaka Stops Dwight Howard With Authority

This is what happens when Dwight Howard wants to score with authority and Serge Ibaka wants to stop with authority.

by × March 6, 2013 ×

James Harden Gets Welcomed Back Twice

For his first game back in OKC since getting traded to Houston. James Harden gets a warm welcome from Russell Westbrook and then Serge Ibabka.

by × November 28, 2012 ×
Serge Ibaka Signs Extension With OKC

Serge Ibaka Signs Extension With OKC

Serge Ibaka agreed to a four-year deal worth $48 million with OKC. Forgoing the opportunity to become a restricted free agent next summer. Ibaka joins Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook as the latest member of the Thunder to sign a [...]

by × August 18, 2012 ×
Serge Ibaka Painting

Serge Ibaka Painting

Serge Ibaka by Ray Tennyson III from OKC, Oklahoma.

by × June 18, 2012 ×

Ibaka Blocks D.Wade Then LeBron

For other defenders these two blocks would be spectacular, for Serge Ibaka it’s just a regular day at the office.

by × June 14, 2012 ×

Kevin Durant Scores 16 Straight Points

Last night Kid Clutch was amazing — and clutch. With the Spurs on their heels, Kevin Durant scored 16 consecutive points during the fourth quarter in every single way known to man and alien kind to secure victory for the [...]

by × June 3, 2012 ×
Serge Ibaka ‘Sky Patrol’ Art

Serge Ibaka ‘Sky Patrol’ Art

In the movie Armageddon it took Bruce Willis blowing himself up to save the world from an a Texas-sized asteroid on a collision course with Earth. However as this piece by Chris Edser proves, maybe Liv Tyler didn’t have to [...]

by × May 9, 2012 ×

Serge Ibaka Goes Gandalf On Nicolas Batum

This sure fired Nicolas Batum fastbreak dunk looked like a breeze. That was until block wizard Serge Ibaka decided to stop him in the lane like his name was Gandalf and said “YOU SHALL NOT PASS.”

by × March 28, 2012 ×