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Rajon Rondo Only Needs One Arm

With the exception of Jimmy Wang Yu’s performance in One Armed Boxer or Master of the Flying Guillotine. I haven’t seen a better one armed performance outside a Kung Fu flick better then the one Rajon Rondo had this weekend. […]

by × May 9, 2011 ×
Freshly Dipped: adidas Boston Celtics All-Stars Tee

Freshly Dipped: adidas Boston Celtics All-Stars Tee

The second round starts this weekend (finally) and the Boston Celtics kick things off with a visit to Miami to play the upstart Heat. Based on the fact that Boston has a starting line up that consist of 80% all-stars. […]

by × April 29, 2011 ×
Freshly Dipped: Rajon Rondo Baseline Gametime Tee

Freshly Dipped: Rajon Rondo Baseline Gametime Tee

Ever wanted a Rajon Rondo t-shirt with an image of him layered over the Boston city skyline on the front, with his name, Celtics logo and facsimile signature on it??? Well don’t say I never hook you up. Cop one […]

by × April 27, 2011 ×

Rajon Rondo The Ridiculous

The Rajon Rondo that teams fear and respect is apparently back. Against the Knicks, he registered a monster triple-double that consisted of 15 points, 11 rebounds and a franchise, single-game postseason record 20 assists. Oh yeah, he also had this […]

by × April 23, 2011 ×
Rajon Rondo Portrait

Rajon Rondo Portrait

A classy portrait of Boston Celtics point guard and engine Rajon Rondo by talented artist Alberto Solé from Zaragoza, Spain.

by × April 14, 2011 ×

64-Bit Rajon Rondo Action

At least once per day I fire up NBA 2K11 and beat some sucker silly online. That’s right, I got skills. For one reason or another, it’s a rare occasion when I get a chance to play the Boston Celtics usually because […]

by × March 25, 2011 ×
All White Rajon Rondo Art

All White Rajon Rondo Art

Created by Yerzhan Mukushev of Kazakhstan, this picture of Rajon Rondo comes to life with a background that includes what I assumes is Boston and a few doves. I just plain like this poster.

by × March 2, 2011 ×

Rajon Rondo Goes ‘Beyond The Arc’

Boston PG extraordinaire Rajon Rondo chops it up with Celtics writer Jessica Camerato of CSNNE in another episode of “Beyond the Arc”.

by × February 17, 2011 ×

Rondo Plays ‘Fly On The Wall’

The Boston Celtics held off the Miami Heat once again for a 85-82 win to stay unbeaten (3-0) against their new mega powered foes from the south and secured the top spot in the east. In the process Rajon Rondo racked […]

by × February 14, 2011 ×
Racing Rajon Rondo

Racing Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo the assist machine will be sidelined for a few weeks nursing a badly sprained left ankle. Under his doctors orders, he was told to keep his leg elevated and to “totally vid out”. That last part I made […]

by × December 22, 2010 ×

KG Alley-oop Game Winner

The Celtics needed a bucket to keep the 76ers reeling and with one flick from the wrist of Rajon Rondo it was Kevin Garnett starring in “game winners from up above” at the Wells Fargo Center 102-101. What a game!

by × December 10, 2010 ×

The Boston Celtics ‘Association’ Trailer

The Association starring the Boston Celtics premiers tonight on ESPN and longtime Celtics fan Donnie Wahlberg from the New Kids on the Block will narrate the documentary-style series about the C’s. So take that Marky Mark fans.

by × December 3, 2010 ×

Bobblehead Ballers Are Back

I’m a grown @ss man so I have no real need for bobblehead dolls, unless of course my G.I. Joe’s need back up to stave off an attack from the deadly advancing Corba forces. That being said, I’m completely okay […]

by × December 3, 2010 ×

Rajon Rondo Starring Rajon Rondo

This Rajon Rondo trailer already seems 10x better than that girlie Burlesque movie my wifey wants to see this weekend. Sure, Cher and Christine Aguilera can sing, dance and act. But Rajon Rondo has a championship ring, puts up crazy […]

by × November 24, 2010 ×