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Rajon Rondo Alley-Oop to Ryan Hollins

The leader in postseason assits Rajon Rondo finds a springy Ryan Hollins for the Alley-Oop which clearly makes up for this failed alley-oop attempt in Game 1.

by × May 14, 2012 ×

Rajon Rondo Isn’t Worried About Philly

Based on the swag that was dripping from the pores of Rajon Rondo during his post-game interview after Game 1. He’s not too worried about travelling to Philadelphia a bunch of times before the C’s play in the eastern conference […]

by × May 14, 2012 ×

Celtics ‘BIG’ Playoffs Commercial

You’ve probably forgotten all about them by now. Nothing left in the tank, nothing left to prove, too slow, too injury prone, too much mileage. Hmm… You better hope you’re right, because here they come and what some call age. […]

by × May 7, 2012 ×

Rajon Rondo Gets Tossed

It started out as a typical Rajon Rondo night. Double R scored 20 points, had 11 assists, but then he lost his sh!t and chest bumped an official which will get you one ticket to the toss show. We’ll find […]

by × April 29, 2012 ×
Rajon Rondo ‘Rough Draft’ Art

Rajon Rondo ‘Rough Draft’ Art

Rajon Rondo by artist E. A. Alex.

by × April 19, 2012 ×

Rajon Rondo Drops 20 Dimes

On his way to his 6th triple-double of the year. Rajon Rondo leads the Celtics to an overtime win over ATL with 10 points, 10 rebounds plus 20 assists. And these clowns wanted to trade him, how silly.

by × April 12, 2012 ×
Rajon Rondo ‘Rondology’ Art

Rajon Rondo ‘Rondology’ Art

A cool overlapping / Ganesh inspired Rajon Rondo piece by artist Eli Neugeboren. Published with Paul Flannery’s “Studies in Rondology.”

by × March 29, 2012 ×
Rajon Rondo Eating Sushi With Chopsticks

Rajon Rondo Eating Sushi With Chopsticks

Previous to a few hours ago, this was the standard to which all Rajon Rondo pictures were measured. Now, with this picture of Rondo eating sushi with chopsticks and drinking before the Clippers game. The standard has been raised yet […]

by × March 12, 2012 ×
Rondo Rocks His Shades

Rondo Rocks His Shades

Rajon Rondo’s future is so bright, he’s gotta wear shades.

by × March 11, 2012 ×
Rajon Rondo Named To All-Star Team

Rajon Rondo Named To All-Star Team

Celtics Rajon Rondo has been added to the 2012 East All-Star team for this weekend’s game in Orlando. Taking the spot of Atlanta Hawks guard Joe Johnson, who will miss All-Star weekend because of tendonitis in his left knee. Rondo is […]

by × February 22, 2012 ×

Rajon Rondo Suspended Two Games

Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo has been suspended two games without pay by the NBA for throwing a ball at an official during a game. Stu Jackson, the NBA’s executive vice-president for basketball operations, announced the suspension Monday, one […]

by × February 20, 2012 ×

Served: Rondo To Wilcox

Rajon Rondo to Chris Wilcox is slowly becoming the new Tom Brady to Rob Gronkowski in Beantown.

by × February 17, 2012 ×

Rajon Rondo ‘BIG’ Commercial

Probably could have let it go. Lived t fight another play, Could have erred on the side of caution. Strolled the path of least resistance, but some guys don’t go quietly into the night. Some guys keep their foot super-glued […]

by × January 20, 2012 ×

Rajon Rondo Day-to-Day

Speedy Rajon Rondo suffered a right wrist injury after landing awkwardly absorbing a flagrant foul in the third-quarter against Toronto. Keeping him out of the final 15 minutes of a 96-73 win over the Raptors at TD Garden. “It’s day-to-day. […]

by × January 19, 2012 ×