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Paul Pierce Sinks The Knicks

The fake basketball season raged on with the Knicks hosting the Shaq-less Boston Celtics, but in the end. Paul Pierce delivered the kinda clutch shooting we can expect from him when games actually matter. The Knicks still had a chance [...]

by × October 14, 2010 ×

The Celtics Play Hard & Krump Harder

Kevin Garnett, Nate Robinson, Glen Davis and Shaquille O’Neal let loose before Boston turning the 76ers into Rocky’s face at the end of every Rocky film dismantling Philadelphia 93-65 in preseason action. If they were trying to send a message to [...]

by × October 7, 2010 ×

Nate Robinson Continues To Torment Shaq

Training camp gets harder every season for veteran players and when you get to be the age of Shaquille O’Neal, you get tired — a lot. However, it’s a really bad idea to be tired around Nate Robinson if you [...]

by × October 1, 2010 ×

Paul Pierce Got His Number Retired

Former McDonald’s All-American and California native Paul Pierce was honoured by Inglewood Mayor Daniel K. Tabor and other important community members during a two-hour ceremony to retire his high school jersey in Inglewood. Cool! “This is a great day for [...]

by × September 22, 2010 ×
Paul Pierce Got Hitched

Paul Pierce Got Hitched

The offseason is a perfect time for a NBA baller to get married, because who needs ice packs on their knees minutes before walking down the aisle to wait for their beautiful bride. It’s been my humble experience that swollen [...]

by × July 20, 2010 ×
Paul Pierce Re-signs With Boston

Paul Pierce Re-signs With Boston

Musical free agent chairs my Vincent Askew. So far more things have remained the same into the second day of the NBA free agency lollapalooza. Following that trend this morning was Paul Pierce who inked a brand new shiny four-year [...]

by × July 2, 2010 ×
Oguchi Onyewu Has The Best Paul Pierce Tee

Oguchi Onyewu Has The Best Paul Pierce Tee

US defender Oguchi Onyewu was wearing this “He is the truth” tee under his jersey during the US 1 – England 1 draw on Saturday in group play of the World Cup. Then Paul “The Truth” Pierce dropped 27 points on the Lakers [...]

by × June 14, 2010 ×

Paul Pierce Nails The Referee

Paul Pierce celebrates the way all frustrated NBA fans watching a whistle happy finals would after scoring an and-one bucket. In a word, this is just awesome!

by × June 11, 2010 ×

Paul Pierce: ‘We Ain’t Coming Back (to L.A.)’

As Game 2 of the Celtics domination of the Lakers came to a close. When Paul Pierce helped up a fallen teammate Kendrick Perkins, he also helped us to his bold prediction for the rest of the series saying ‘We [...]

by × June 7, 2010 ×
Freshly Dipped: ‘And Counting’ Finals Tees

Freshly Dipped: ‘And Counting’ Finals Tees

The Boston Celtics and LA Lakers have met more times in the NBA finals than any other two clubs. Of the 11 times they’ve met in the finals, the C’s have won 9 of those match ups. So if it seems [...]

by × June 3, 2010 ×