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Baron Davis Talks About His Film

Okay, so the move to LA from Golden State hasn't worked out exactly as planned yet, but that doesn't mean Baron Davis has not been productive with his time in southern California. After being met with a positive response in various film festivals last year. The documentary film Baron Davis helped produce Crips & Bloods: Made in America is now available for purchase and I'm itching to get a copy. The film is directed by Stacy Peralta, narrated by Forest Whitaker and tells the story of the Crips and Bloods, South Los Angeles’ most infamous gangs. Davis who grew up in South Central LA, got involved in this film because he wanted to make his neighbourhood better for the kids growing up their now by demystifying gang culture and discussing solutions to end the violence. Good lookin' out Mr. Davis!
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Ron Artest Has A Studio In His Whip

Dear God, I'll never drink again. Moving on, Ron Artest is all kinds of awesome! How can you not love a guy that talks trash to Kobe Bryant, smokes cigars and installs a studio in his Ford Excursion. The idea of spitting lyrics while your driving and recording them is f*cking genius and I'm not surprised Artest came up with it first! When this ride is fully completed it'll be D & D Studios on wheels, all Ron-Ron will have to do is pick you up. Madlib has Quasimoto and now Artest can have MC Road Rage as an alter ego. Good idea, bad fuel economy!