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Lebron Talks “More Than A Game” And Music

Today as technology continues to sabotage me by snatch my mic away to tell you that Beyonce had one of the best videos of all-time. I'll try my best to keep the show rolling without the help of a Tracy Morgan pre-recorded sketch. Last year "More Than A Game" debuted at the TIFF, and now it'll be ready to debut in your DVD player October 2nd.
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KFC Freestyle Delonte West

Delonte West really, really really loves KFC and so does his cousin. Delonte West loves KFC so much that he decided to drop a 88 thousand bar freestyle about it and his cousin loves it so much that he works there.
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Ron Artest Rapping In China

Ron Artest might very well be my favorite guy to blog about because he keeps it insanely real and he cares nothing about what anybody thinks about it! What other NBA star would have a Hip-Hop concert in China?