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Jason Maxiell Talks Tattoos

Jason Maxiell Talks Tattoos

Jason Maxiell has six tattoos, but here he talks about his favorite tatt on his left arm after his grandmother passed away.

by × December 18, 2012 ×

Served: Jason Maxiell Gets Got By DeMarcus Cousins

The big man with boogie DeMarcus Cousins catches Maxiell slippin’ under the rim and hammers one home on Max chest-to-chest to sell more posters. He got’em good.

by × November 8, 2012 ×

Served: Boozer Gets Got By Jason Maxiell

If you watch the slow motion replay of this Jason Maxiell dunk on Carlos Boozer carefully. You can actually see wings on the back of Maxiell.

by × April 16, 2012 ×

Served: Wizards Get Got By Jason Maxiell

The league is still trying to act like nobody dunked since Blake Griffin owned Pau Gasol not once, but twice. However you’ll be happy to know that others were smashed upon last night too, and here is your video evidence.

by × April 6, 2012 ×

Served: One Max Putback Gets Got By Maxiell

Get out the way! Jason Maxiell cleans up the boards in a big way with the nasty slam on Kris Humphries — and he thought Kim Kardashian was cold. Zing!

by × February 9, 2012 ×

Maxiell Game Saving Steal And Dunk

Jason Maxiell goes equal parts hustle, heart and ability as he steals the inbound pass, loses the rock it, regains control of the rock and then powers it down for a win over the Hornets in OT. Game, set, match […]

by × December 20, 2010 ×
WAG’s: Jason Maxiell, He A Good Dude

WAG’s: Jason Maxiell, He A Good Dude

I’ve maybe heard Jason Maxiell say about 20 words since he entered the league, but after reading this poorly circulated story. I know he a good dude. Detroit Pistons baller Jason Maxiell (26) married his longtime fiance Brandi Duncan in […]

by × November 2, 2009 ×
Maxiell Gets Richer

Maxiell Gets Richer

Pistons power forward Jason Maxiell accepted a contract offer today and will not become a restricted free agent following the season. The deal is for $20 million over four years. The deadline for him to reach an agreement was today. Maxiell, 25, was a […]

by × October 30, 2008 ×
Maxiell Offered Extension

Maxiell Offered Extension

Jason Maxiell one of the Floor Burn Championship finalist over at Hoops Addict, was offered a well deserved three-year extension today. “The Pistons have offered Maxiell a three-year extension worth approximately $15 million. Should he leave that contract on the table, he […]

by × September 18, 2008 ×