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Jalen Rose Explains Why LeBron and D.Wade Should Acknowledge Lil Wayne

Jalen Rose Explains Why LeBron and D.Wade Should Acknowledge Lil Wayne

Sitting courtside at a NBA game is kinda expensive. Being a season ticket holder is even more expensive, and it deserves credit. For whatever reason, Lil Wayne who regularly attends and sits front row at Heat games never get acknowledged […]

by × January 4, 2013 ×

Jalen Rose Breaks Down An Agents Tactics

You gonna learn today! Jalen Rose breaks down the way an agent gets into a amateur athletes circle and the complicated relationship they share with their agent. After watching this, you have no reason to watch Jerry McGuire if you […]

by × December 7, 2012 ×

The Jalen Rose ‘All Dark Alley’ Team

And just like that, we’re back. I think. Sorry for all the technical difficulties, but it looks like the worst of the issue is kinda fixed and this show can go on. Anyway, moving on to basketball. Watch Jalen Rose […]

by × November 18, 2012 ×

Jalen Rose Once Stole Patrick Ewing’s TV

It was the Hicks vs Knicks series and leading scorer Jalen Rose decided he needed to mess with Patrick Ewing to gain an edge. When tripping PE during a game didn’t work, Rose decided to ramp up his efforts by […]

by × November 5, 2012 ×

Jalen Rose Breaks Down The Greatness of Shaq

We all know Shaq was good, but if you really look at his numbers — he could have been great. Jalen Rose (who bats left) and Bill Simmons break down just how great Shaq should have been.

by × October 23, 2012 ×

Jalen Rose Discusses His Buddy Chris Webber

Designated hitter Jalen Rose talks to Bill Simmons about the Fab Five stacking the deck at Michigan, avoiding potential recruiting violations with UNLV, meeting Chris Webber as a 12 years old and how the infamous timeout incident against the Tar […]

by × October 22, 2012 ×

Jalen Rose Explains How Athletes Go Broke

After watching the 30 for 30 film ‘Broke,’ Jalen Rose with his favorite bat in his hand explains to David Jacoby how some millionaire athletes end up without a penny. Oh yeah, if you have a brilliant idea to start […]

by × October 3, 2012 ×
Freshly Dipped: UNDRCRWN ‘Fresh 5’ Tee

Freshly Dipped: UNDRCRWN ‘Fresh 5’ Tee

Any tee that remotely reminds me of Jimmy King, Jalen Rose, Chris Webber, Ray Jackson and Juwan Howard playing together as freshman for the University of Michigan is a buy in my book. Cop this fabulous tee over at Undrcrwn.

by × July 22, 2011 ×