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Deron Williams Wins Turkish Debut

Deron Williams Wins Turkish Debut

Deron Williams scored 11 points and had five assists to help Besiktas to a 107-69 victory over Bandirma Kirmizi on Sunday in the NBA player’s Turkish league debut. New Jersey Nets guard Williams – a two-time NBA all-star – is among [...]

by × October 16, 2011 ×

The Euroleague Season Is Here

You have never been so excited for a Euroleague season since birth. Especially since they aren’t in the middle of a lockout and their fans yell a lot more. Get it together NBA.

by × October 14, 2011 ×
Gasol Brothers ‘Confrontation’ Art

Gasol Brothers ‘Confrontation’ Art

When the Lakers and Grizzlies do battle, the Gasol brothers match up is always key. They grew up in the same house and have been playing physical basketball against and with each other since they could probably walk. With Marc [...]

by × October 11, 2011 ×

Aquille Carr 2010-11 Mixtape

In the year 2013 we still won’t have teleportation, but we’ll have plenty of comedic material based on the Mayan calendar being totally wrong and Aquille Carr college highlights to freak over. Billed as one of the most exciting high [...]

by × October 10, 2011 ×
Andrei Kirilenko Signs With CSKA Moscow‎

Andrei Kirilenko Signs With CSKA Moscow‎

Dasvidania Utah and pryvet Moscow. Tired of all the “labour negotiations” Andrei Kirilenko signed a three-year contract with CSKA of the Euroleague. Kirilenko’s contract with CSKA features an out clause that allows him to return to the NBA when (or [...]

by × October 8, 2011 ×

Jordan Farmar Maccabi Tel Aviv Debut

Earlier this week Jordan Farmar made his debut with Maccabi Tel Aviv of the Euroleague, and he looked like a man without a collective bargaining agreement back home amongst boys — kinda.

by × October 7, 2011 ×

Adam Morrison vs Radosavljevic

Yes former Bobcats third overall draft pick in 2006 Adam Morrison signed with KK Crvena zvezda in Belgrade, Serbia and no he’s not taking any phantom elbows from Bogdan Radosavljevic or grooming himself — still. Now you know. H/N BallinEurope

by × October 6, 2011 ×

Milano Kalibro Kobe Teaser

A teaser of Nike’s latest campaign, featuring the Black Mamba in “Milano Kalibro Kobe.” Count me in as interested for the full feature.

by × October 4, 2011 ×
Kobe Playing In Italy Gets Realer

Kobe Playing In Italy Gets Realer

Mamma Mia! The lockout could see its first mega star taking his talents to the Euroleague in the next few days if Kobe Bryant decides to sign the paper version of the deal he reportedly agreed to verbally in Italy [...]

by × October 1, 2011 ×
NBA JAM: On Fire Edition

NBA JAM: On Fire Edition

During these dark times, it’s all about the Euroleague and their brand of non-lockout basketball. In a few months we could see a good percentage of the league on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean as this “labour” dispute [...]

by × August 31, 2011 ×