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David Stern Introduces the Brooklyn Nets

David Stern Introduces the Brooklyn Nets

For the first time since the Dodgers left for Los Angles in the 1957. Brooklyn once again has a team of their own and Commissioner David Stern helped to rip the gift wrapping of the brand new team in the [...]

by × November 4, 2012 ×

David Stern Gets His Hurricanes Mixed Up

It’s opening night of the 2012 NBA season and Hurricane Sandy has made a mess of the eastern seaboard. So naturally commission David Stern would like you to reach back to 2005 to keep the victims of Hurricane Katrina in [...]

by × October 30, 2012 ×

David Stern Will Retire In 2014

During the NBA’s Board of Governors meetings in midtown Manhattan, Stern advised the league’s owners of his intention to retire on Feb. 1, 2014, the 30-year anniversary of his taking the job. Some will remember him for running the league [...]

by × October 26, 2012 ×
David Stern: Chinese Players Will Learn From Jeremy Lin

David Stern: Chinese Players Will Learn From Jeremy Lin

“Jeremy Lin is going to enable young Chinese players to have a unique dream that is a profound opportunity for Chinese basketball and the NBA to develop. The Chinese basketball players and their families are becoming more sophisticated about the road to the NBA, whether it is going to high school, [...]

by × October 22, 2012 ×
David Stern ‘Lockout Beard’ Art

David Stern ‘Lockout Beard’ Art

It’s been a longtime coming, but the league is back and the lockout beard that David Stern dawned for a short time is finished too. Although his beard was more of a 1998–99 lockout phenomenon. This piece created by Gabriel [...]

by × December 25, 2011 ×

Lockout Negotiations Continue To Drag On

NBPA president Derek Fisher says that “no significant progress” was made in NBA labor talks.NBA commissioner David Stern says he has “stopped the clock” on a deadline he imposed on the NBPA during ongoing labor negotiations.I say just make a [...]

by × November 10, 2011 ×

Bryant Gumbel Really Goes There

Really Bryant Gumbel??? I mean really? I love the league as much as the next guy, but if you think I’m gonna feel sorry for billionaire owners and millionaire players so I can see a full 82 game schedule on [...]

by × October 19, 2011 ×

Taiwanese Animation Explains The Lockout

With enough money to share between millionaires and billionaires — or so it would seem. It still doesn’t make any sense why the league is holding basketball hostage from us fans. If only there was an animation from Taiwan that [...]

by × October 13, 2011 ×
First Two Weeks Cancelled

First Two Weeks Cancelled

NBA Commissioner David Stern canceled the first two weeks of the season Monday, warning players and fans that the cuts may have only just begun. “With every day that goes by, I think we need to look at further reductions in [...]

by × October 11, 2011 ×

David Stern And Adam Silver Press Conference

Tighten your belt. The lockout we have been expecting is unfortunately here and we’ll have to deal with it until the billionaires can agree with the millionaires about how they can both stay filthy rich. You better get use to [...]

by × July 1, 2011 ×