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Kevin Love Wants Your Coats Again

Kevin Love might have just created the weirdest coat drive PSA for the Salvation Army on this earth / galaxy.

by × December 4, 2012 ×

Larry Fitzgerald Gives Kevin Love A Haircut For Charity

Broken hand and all, Kevin Love gets his head shaved for Breast Cancer Awareness Month by  Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald. If you like the video, retweet and like the hell out of it cause each time you do, they’ll donate money towards a cure […]

by × October 25, 2012 ×
Metta World Peace, Stand-Up Comedian

Metta World Peace, Stand-Up Comedian

Metta World Peace will be hosting a charity-driven night of stand-up comedy at The Laugh Factory titled “Comedy Slam Dunk” on September 20th. Who knows how this is gonna turn out, but either way it goes it’ll be a sound […]

by × September 14, 2012 ×

Kobe Bryant Goes To Skid Row

Just like Uncle Ben, Kobe Bryant believes “with great power comes great responsibility“. That is why he has taken it upon himself to work with the homeless in Los Angeles for the last two years. “Last year he started sponsoring […]

by × September 13, 2012 ×

Zach Randolph Rescues Pitbull

Cause it was the right thing to do. Zach Randolph helped rescue a pitbull who was trapped under a pipe by donating money and his time to a local animal shelter in Memphis, to give the animal a second chance […]

by × August 9, 2012 ×

LeBron James Makes A Wish Come True

LeBron James makes a dream come true for Thiago D’Elia, a 17-year-old cancer survivor when he is invited to AmericanAirlines Arena to practice with LeBron James and sit courtside for a Miami Heat game. Watch this video and get that […]

by × July 17, 2012 ×
Kobe Bryant Selling Plastic Mask On eBay For Charity

Kobe Bryant Selling Plastic Mask On eBay For Charity

The famous Mamba Mask Kobe Bryant wore thanks to a hard foul is now being auctioned on eBay with all the proceeds aimed towards the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation Youth Homelessness Initiative. Currently the bidding for the mask […]

by × May 3, 2012 ×
Kevin Durant Nike N7 KD IV Unveiled

Kevin Durant Nike N7 KD IV Unveiled

Last night Kevin Durant debuted his new Nike N7 Zoom KDIV shoe which supports a community program and fund dedicated to providing access to sport and physical activity for Native American and Aboriginal communities with a focus on youth called […]

by × April 12, 2012 ×
Pau Gasol At St. Jude Children`s Hospital

Pau Gasol At St. Jude Children`s Hospital

Join Pau Gasol in supporting Hoops for St. Jude. Donate today at

by × March 31, 2012 ×

Pau Gasol Sings That Grey’s Anatomy Song

Not getting traded power forward (at least not this season) Pau Gasol sings “How To Save A Life” aka the Grey’s Anatomy song by The Fray at a UNICEF charity event to raise money for building schools in Africa. After […]

by × March 18, 2012 ×

Kevin Love Stars In ‘The Conversation’

Kevin Love stars in ‘The Conversation’ to kick off his annual Coat Drive while displaying his powers of teammate coat reaping. Donate any new coat to the Target Center or participating Comcast location thru February 17th if you can.

by × February 1, 2012 ×

Kobe Bryant On Extreme Makeover

Recently Kobe Bryant appeared on Extreme Makeover Home Edition, to help the tornado victims living in Joplin. Mo. An event that claimed a reported 160 lives and has been considered one of the most deadliest tornados in U.S. history. Bryant […]

by × January 23, 2012 ×

Chauncey Billups Gluten Free Cakes

Chauncey Billups elite gluten-free cakes are only slightly cheaper than the ones you can get a Whole Foods. However, I hear they’re delicious and taste like clutch shots.

by × January 7, 2012 ×
LeBron, CP3, D.Wade + Melo Announce Homecoming Tour

LeBron, CP3, D.Wade + Melo Announce Homecoming Tour

Thanks lockout! Well, kinda. LeBron James, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, and Carmelo Anthony announced they are joining forces to host a four-city exhibition tour visiting Akron, New Orleans, Chicago, and New York. Each event will feature an exhibition game with […]

by × November 22, 2011 ×