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Chris Paul Sinks the Grizzlies

Chris Paul Sinks the Grizzlies

Just like you knew he would. Chris Paul got the ball with the game on the line against the Grizzlies with time melting off the clock and the results were what you would expect from a Point God. Perfection.

by × April 23, 2013 ×

Joe Johnson Sinks the Bucks (VIDEO)

There’s a reason why the Nets pay Joe Johnson $90 million and he proved it last night against the Bucks, twice. First Johnson hit a three to force the game into OT, then he hit a shot in the extra [...]

by × February 20, 2013 ×

LaMarcus Aldridge Sinks The Mavs

The most interesting thing about LaMarcus Aldridge hitting this money turnaround jumper to beat the Mavericks at the buzzer. Might be his teammate Nicolas Batum celebrating victory before the shot went down. Awesome.

by × January 30, 2013 ×

DeMar DeRozan Sinks The Magic

With a few seconds left, DeMar DeRozan sinks a high arching fade away jumper over Big Baby at the buzzer for the game. Difficulty level, 10/10.

by × January 25, 2013 ×

Jordan Crawford Sinks The Blazers (VIDEO)

Jordan Crawford nails a deep three-pointer with only 1 second left on the clock to sink the tough at home Blazers on the road.

by × January 22, 2013 ×

James Johnson Sinks The Knicks

Holy Toledo and neighboring cities! James Johnson sinks a three at the buzzer to beat the NY Knicks who came back from 32 points down only to lose by one.

by × December 29, 2012 ×

Darren Collison Forces Overtime Against Thunder

There’s no way this flip shot from Darren Collison goes in to force overtime against the Thunder. Right? Wrong.

by × December 27, 2012 ×
JR Smith Sinks the Suns (video)

JR Smith Sinks the Suns (video)

JR Smith had 27 points, 6 rebounds, 5 steals, 5 assist, 1 block and the game winning bucket against the Suns. Call him Earl when you see him partying in Phoenix tonight.

by × December 26, 2012 ×

Marcus Camby Nails A Fullcourt Shot

Bingo! Marcus Camby nails a one-handed heave from the other end of the court like it was nothing. It didn’t count because he failed to get the shot off before the buzzer, but I’d like to see you hit that [...]

by × March 27, 2012 ×

Luol Deng Sinks The Raptors

With no Derrick Rose, Rip Hamilton or Joakim Noah. Luol Deng proved it was no problem as he sunk the visiting Raptors with a buzzer-beating game-winner tip in during overtime against Toronto. Man, playing the Bulls at home gets scarier [...]

by × March 24, 2012 ×