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James Harden ‘Geometric’ Art

James Harden ‘Geometric’ Art

Talented Japanese artist Tadaomi Shibuya captures James Harden in this unique, geometric portrait of everybody’s favourite beard owner.

by × December 12, 2012 ×

Jeremy Lin Revives Linsanity

“We have to find a way to get Jeremy playing with the ball more even playing with James (Harden). We’ve got to make sure he’s able to do some things and have some strong side, weak side action where he […]

by × December 11, 2012 ×
Jeremy Lin Decorates His First Christmas Tree

Jeremy Lin Decorates His First Christmas Tree

Despite his new found millions, Jeremy Lin likes to keep his Christmas tree one fifth the size of Amir Johnson’s, but he does like to design it like a boss.

by × December 10, 2012 ×

Jeremy Lin Self Toss Dunk in Yao Ming Charity Game

Taken from a Yao Ming charity game in Taipei, Taiwan from 2010. Jeremy Lin tosses one up and throws it down without a warm up. Who knew?

by × December 7, 2012 ×

Lakers ‘Pooped Their Big Boy Pants’ Call

“The Lakers have just pooped their big boy pants and the Rockets have come from 17 down to win it 107 -105” – Craig Ackerman, Houston Rockets announcer

by × December 5, 2012 ×
Jeremy Lin ESPN Art

Jeremy Lin ESPN Art

Created for  ESPN The Magazine. This Jeremy Lin piece designed by Maciej Hajnrich using a combination of matte-painting and digital art. See the details of this piece below.

by × December 3, 2012 ×
Jeremy Lin & James Harden Do ESPN The Mag

Jeremy Lin & James Harden Do ESPN The Mag

Jeremy Lin and James Harden play “Who Knows Their Teammate Better” with ESPN The Magazine. Learn stuff like if an assistant coach called Jeremy the wrong name during a recruiting trip to a Pac-10 school, if James’ mother has never asked […]

by × November 28, 2012 ×
Jeremy Lin Not Looking To Recreate Linsanity

Jeremy Lin Not Looking To Recreate Linsanity

“I feel like I’m not looking to recreate what happened in New York. For me, I want to be a consistent player, I want to get better. I don’t know what my potential is and I don’t know if I […]

by × November 24, 2012 ×

James Harden Hi-Fives Air

James Harden is the best teammate an imaginary player could ever ask for in life.

by × November 13, 2012 ×
Beardsanity Billboards To Land In Houston

Beardsanity Billboards To Land In Houston

In a word, Awesome. In two words, Super Awesome. A few handful of games into the season, the popularity of the Jeremy Lin and James Harden backcourt has taken off like a — rocket, and fuelled by the release of […]

by × November 8, 2012 ×
James Harden ‘Fear the Rockets’ Art

James Harden ‘Fear the Rockets’ Art

Created by Melvin Rodas, this James Harden piece salutes the man currently taking the league by storm averaging 35.3 ppg. Combined with Jeremy Lin, the Rockets are all of a sudden one of the most feared teams in the league. Already […]

by × November 6, 2012 ×

James Harden In High School

Player of the week James Harden joined Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Dwyane Wade as the only NBA players in the last 25 years to post at least 37 points, 12 assists, six rebounds, four steals and one block in […]

by × November 5, 2012 ×

The ‘BeardSanity Backcourt’ Song

Jeremy Lin has Linsanity and James Harden has his trademark beard. Both their former teams let them get away to the Rockets and the BeardSanity Backcourt was born. All they needed was an uber weird song and video to tie […]

by × November 3, 2012 ×

James Harden Explodes In Rockets Debut

To make the Rockets feel really good about giving him a five-year, $80 million contract extension. James Harden decided to go nova in his debut against Detroit by dropping 37 points, 12 assists, 6 rebounds, 4 steals, and I’m pretty […]

by × November 1, 2012 ×