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Dirk Nowitzki Shaves His .500 Beard

Dirk Nowitzki Shaves His .500 Beard

The Mavericks won’t make the playoffs, but last night’s victory over the equally terrible Hornets did hold some significance. The win put the Mavs at 40-40 for the season and allowed Dirk Nowitzki and his teammates to finally shave their [...]

by × April 15, 2013 ×
Dirk Nowitzki ‘D-I-R-K’ Art

Dirk Nowitzki ‘D-I-R-K’ Art

Dirk Nowitzki illustrated by Korean artist Min-suk KIM aka Kwang33.

by × April 6, 2013 ×

Jason Kidd Rookie Season Highlights

Check out some highlights of Jason Kidd when he was a kid and Rookie of the Year with the Dallas Mavericks to celebrate his 40th birthday.

by × March 23, 2013 ×
Flula’s Interview With Skin Is Just Weird

Flula’s Interview With Skin Is Just Weird

If you know anything about Flula aka The German Moses song guy. You already know he hails from Germany, loves Dirk Nowitzki and that he’s the weird songbird of his generation. Anyway, Flula recently travelled to Dallas to see Dirk [...]

by × March 21, 2013 ×

Mavs Enjoy The Harlem Shake Too

The Harlem Shake is sweeping / shaking the nation. That’s okay cause Vince Carter, Dirk Nowitzki and the rest of the Mavericks are down with it too. I’m still giving University of Western the slight edge for best Harlem Shake [...]

by × February 11, 2013 ×

Vince Carter Plays Possum to Perfection (VIDEO)

Cagey Vince Cater plays the “I’m so hurt I can barely move so I’ll pretend to be wincing in the corner so you’ll forget me until you totally do then I’ll sneak back into the play for a super nasty hammer dunk, like I [...]

by × February 1, 2013 ×
The Origins of Vince Carter (VIDEO)

The Origins of Vince Carter (VIDEO)

How did Vince Carter go from a kid growing up in Daytona Beach, Florida to the Rookie of the Year, face of basketball in Canada and maybe the most dominating dunker of his generation? It’s nice to imagine that maybe it [...]

by × January 29, 2013 ×

Allen Iverson Declines D-League Offer

At this point the chances of another Allen Iverson album seem better than the dream of seeing him playing in the league again. Recently the Mavericks offered Iverson a chance to join their D-League affiliate team the Texas Legends and  “The [...]

by × January 29, 2013 ×

Dirk Nowitzki Bobblehead Launched Into Orbit

Cool beans. See a Dirk Nowitzki bobblehead get launched 94,630 feet into orbit for an auction.

by × January 16, 2013 ×
Super Marion Bros. (video)

Super Marion Bros. (video)

Seeing Shawn Marion as Super Maio and dunking a basketball on Bowser might be the perfect way to start the day. That’s what’s up.

by × January 4, 2013 ×

Vince Carter Goes Lefty Jam On Leonard

Vince Carter throws one down on Kawhi Leonard with is left hand cause he might be the best dunker that ever lived.

by × December 30, 2012 ×

Darren Collison Forces Overtime Against Thunder

There’s no way this flip shot from Darren Collison goes in to force overtime against the Thunder. Right? Wrong.

by × December 27, 2012 ×

Dominique Jones Dunks On Thabeet

Standing 7’4″ Hasheem Thabeet is tall, just not tall enoguh from ending up on a 4 foot poster courtesy of one fast rising Dominique Jones.

by × December 27, 2012 ×

Dirk Nowitzki Plays One-On-One In Children’s Hospital

Mavs superstar Dirk Nowitzki takes time out to play some one-on-one with a young fan in the Dallas Children’s Medical Center.

by × December 26, 2012 ×