Stephen Curry vs LeBron James Iron Maiden Illustration

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“What you doin’ on our turf punk?
[I got a message for Smokey…]
Give it…
[Are you Smokey, man?]
Give it!
[If you ain’t Smokey, it ain’t yo motherf-ckin’ message…]
Motherf-cker, I said give me the message!
[It’s from Willie, in the slam…]
Nigga, you been busted?
[Yeah, the man picked me up…]
Well I ain’t got no f-ckin time to play with you. Now give me the message…
[Willie’s in Warwick, doin’ 1 to 3. Told me to tell y’all motherf-ckers to keep cool. He be out one way or another, quick. Maybe I can stick around for a while?]
No, that’s out man. You know, what could we the lords do with a punk like you?
[Kiss my ass, motherf-cker…]
Burn him!
[Just me and you motherf-cker, just me and you! I put trademarks around your f-ckin eye….”]

Music by Ghostface Killah featuring Cappadonna & Raekwon, Art by Karmo Ruusmaa