Nate Robinson Issued 1-on-1 Challenge During Interview

Nate Robinson Issued 1-on-1 Challenged During Interview

Nate Robinson has only played one game with his new team Hapoel Tel Aviv and he’s already getting deluxe trolled by fans. Watch as he gets interrupted during a live interview on Isreali television by a fan interested in playing him in a game of one-on-one. The randomness of this event is spectacular.

בזמן הראיון שלנו עם נייט רובינסון קרה לו הדבר הבא….האייטם המלא היום בחמישיות, 23:40 ב-(ערוץ 56) 5PLUS ו-5SPORT HDNate Robinson Hapoel Tel Aviv BC

Posted by ‎ערוץ הספורט‎ on Tuesday, 22 March 2016