Kyle Korver Scores 24, Hawks Win 12 Straight

It’s the Atlanta’s turn to rack up wins in the east and behind Kyle Korver who scored 24 points, including 7 threes. The Hawks beat the Bulls in Chicago to extend their win streak to 12 games.

“Kyle Korver had another big night from 3-point range as he set a season-high with seven makes. Korver had made six 3-pointers three times this season. The sharpshooter finished with a game-high 24 points. On the season, Korver is shooting a league-best 53.6 percent from 3-point range, five percentage points better than second-place Courtney Lee. Korver is tied for the most 3-pointers made (125) while 11th in attempts (233). Korver said last night that a lot of his 3-pointers came in transition. When told some are starting to call such a shot a 3-point layup, he said: “It’s good to have balance (in transition). Guys are running for layups and I’m running for a 3. I’m better at the 3’s than the layups. I have to stick to my strengths.”

Korver and the Hawks have a chance to extend their streak to 13 Tuesday night against the red hot Detroit Pistons.