Jeremy Lin Says Signing With Rockets Not What He Envisioned

In a recent interview Lakers guard Jeremy Lin did with the LA Times. The former Rocket says his time in Houston was not what he initially envisioned. When he signed an offer sheet with them as restricted free-agent back in 2012.

“It was a time for me to go through some bumps and some hurdles and learn how to grow,” Lin said in retrospect. “When I first got there [Houston], I was supposed to be the guy and they were supposed to kind of hand the torch to me. And I ended up getting traded away basically for nothing. Actually, they had to give up a draft pick to convince someone else to take me. Pretty much given away for nothing. Definitely not how I envisioned it.”

Although Lin doesn’t sound too bitter. It’s probably worth circling all the times LA and Houston play each other because Lin will have an axe to grind.

H/N LA Times