LeBron James Talks Racism, Ray Rice, and Family With Rachel Nichols

In a recent interview with Rachel Nichols on CNN’s Unguarded. LeBron James opened up like never before on a variety of topics other than his new-old team in Cleveland. Among the topics James discussed was racism and domestic violence in light of the Ray Rice controversy.

LeBron James Talks Racism, Ray Rice, and Family With Rachael Nichols

“I left it as simple as this: ‘Never put your hand on a woman. Never put your hand on a classmate that’s a female. It’s not allowed, it’s not condoned in this house, and it shouldn’t be condoned in this world. And your dad would never put his hand on your mother.’”

James also talked about his growing family and his estranged father.

“My whole life growing up I just kinda always said ‘why me, Why me, why didn’t my dad wan’t to be around? I feel like I’m a pretty cool kid, I’m a good kid, why wouldn’t he want to be around for me?’ And as I got older, when I had my own family, I started to think the reason he wasn’t there is the reason why I became so strong mentally, so loving to my mother. I am who I am today because he wasn’t there, because I use it as motivation. Everything that I’ve gained, he has a role in that.”

H/N USA Today