Kobe Bryant Returns to Darth Vader’s Theme

Kobe Bryant Returns to Darth Vader's Theme

In case you missed it, and I’m sure you didn’t. Kobe Bryant made his season debut against the Raptors last night and he was introduced in the player intros to the Imperial March aka Darth Vaders theme. It’ll be a while before he relearns how to use the force as proven by his very human performance, but let’s keep in mind he hasn’t played a game in 8 months and it’ll take at least five games for him to get his Jedi back.

“I’m just insanely critical,” Bryant said after finishing with nine points, eight rebounds, four assists, two steals and eight turnovers in 28 minutes. “There was a bunch of things that I completely messed up on.”

All in all, it’s great to have him back and before you know it he’ll be the dreaded Black Mamba once again.