Kobe Bryant Is Eating Pizza Again


Leading up to and during the season, swore off “junk ” aka delicious like pizza opting for clean eating (BOOO!!!) to sustain himself for the long season. The results, the Lakers got bounced from the playoffs and Kobe tore his achilles. Fail. Hard.

So it’s a good thing that Bean starting his offseason right with some pizza from Pizzanista! located in downtown LA owned by legend Salman Agah who he took a picture with (above) that also included awesome artist Mister Cartoon, and the owner of Element Skateboards Johnny Schillereff.

If you’re a  Lakers fan, this picture should make you extra happy. Why? Cause  eating pizza means 81-point games, MVP trophies and championship rings. Kobe Bryant anti-pizza means a terrible season, injury, and a first round exit for the Lakers in the playoffs. So prepare for an amazing season with extra cheese LA.

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