Jeremy Lin ‘Linsanity: The Movie’ Trailer


Following a hunch, a group of filmmakers decided to follow little known and undrafted Harvard alum Jeremy Lin when he was picked up by the Golden State Warriors. Before “Linsanity” became a pop culture reference and the magazine covers came calling.

Director Evan Jackson Leong and his crew followed Lin on his quest to make it in the league, even when Madison Square Garden security guards didn’t recognize Lin enough to let him into the arena for practice. Which would probably shake anybody else’s confidence.

However after months of struggling, it finally happened.The Knicks needed a point guard solution and Jeremy Lin was the last healthy body left on the roster at that position. Was it fate or was it just the beginning of one of the craziest rides ever scene in sports history?

Anyway you want to cut it, Leong filmed it all and you can check out the trailer to Linsanity: The Movie after the jump.