LeBron Plays In Cleveland Summer League

So you pay your hard-earned money to join a summer league thinking this will be the year you’ll finally win it all. You feel pretty good during warm ups as you visualizing the game you’re gonna have, then you see LeBron James taking the court and you realize a loser cake is being baked with your name on it.

That’s exactly what happened to this team playing at the Chris Chambers City League Classic in Cleveland, OH who had no clue that the King of Cleveland was coming back for his crown. If LeBron James had access to one of those Staples “that was easy” buttons, he would have hit it on every possession here.

“We just got done winning this hoop game up in Warrensville,” James said. “We come up here to support. We won 81-66. Everyone came out to watch us play. It was a surprise I wasn’t even supposed to be here. Had 20 miles on the bike this morning.”

If LBJ decided to play in the Euroleague, this is what it probably would look like too.