Antoine Walker Canada Bound?

Antoine Walker must really owe a lot of people a lot of money still, because the former Miami Heat Championship team member could be heading to Edmonton, Alberta to keep his hopes of making a NBA comeback alive. I hope he likes extremely cold weather and the Oilers.

According to Edmonton Energy GM Rick Stanley of the International Basketball League, they have been in talks to bring ‘Toine and his trademark shimmy to beautiful Canada.

“Right now, we are in negotiation with three ex-NBA players. The depth and the talent level that could come to the Energy this year is outstanding,” he said.

The most high-profile of the three players is former all-star and longtime Boston Celtic Antoine Walker, who ran into financial hardship in 2009 after earning $110 million during his 13-year NBA career. Walker, 34, played in the NBA’s Development League this season in hopes of latching on with an NBA team.

At just 34, Walker still has gas in the tank and if a club took him on for a playoff run or a 10 day contract, I’m sure he’d be able to hit a few jumpers. And even if he didn’t, I think a team in the league should sign him so another mix combining the Walker Shimmy to Ol’ Dirty Bastard could be created. Call me greedy.

H/N Edmonton Journal