The NBA ELITE 11 Andrew Bynum Jesus Glitch

The bad news about NBA ELITE 11 keeps rolling like an 18-wheeler down the Interstate with no brakes or walls in sight. Two days removed from the announcement that NBA ELITE 11 would be delayed and one day removed from the news that the delay could cost EA $60 Million. NBA ELITE 11 continues to get “crucified”  — literally!

According to Kotaku, one major factor in the delay of EA Sports’ newly named basketball game was the demo footage uploaded by YouTube user Hard8times that revealed a glitch of biblical proportions. For whatever reason in the demo version of the game, Andrew Bynum is obsessed with becoming a saviour and wants to strike a Jesus pose at center court of the Staples Center ASAP. Even more disappointing, is that Bynum won’t move, catch the ball or perform miracles once he’s locked into Jesus mode.

I’ve been a gamer long enough to see some amazing glitches in my day, and I can say without a doubt. Not only did this video kill the NBA ELITE 11 release date, but Andrew Bynum Jesus is now the Antoine Dodson “They Rapin’ E’rybody Out Heah!” video for every gamer all over the world.

This video has Leeroy Jenkins potential!